Join the Team

The Knight Terrors are committed to excellence, sportsmanship and violence. As both athletes and knights, we have high expectations of our team in and out of the list. 

Active Status

Active status is achieved for members who meet the Knight Terror's team standards. For local and regional events, team positions will go first to Active status members, before being opened to Recreational members. 

To qualify for active status, you must:

  • make 75% of all Armored team practices.
  • make 50% of team outings
  • attend 50% of all formally scheduled team conditioning/wrestling/soft kit training*

*Adherence to a workout plan that the Team Captain deems appropriately challenging will be accepted in lieu of attendance. 

For exigent circumstances, the Captain or President may choose to waive one or all the above requirements. 

Recreational Status

We welcome team members who are not ready or wanting to compete at an International or National level. We also recognize that it takes time to get a full kit. Recreational members will always be welcome at all Team activities. 


Active status is determined on a monthly basis. If a Recreational or returning member wishes to achieve Active status, they must meet the above requirements for 30 days. 

Attendance will be taken at each officially sanctioned practice or team activity and submitted to the Captain and/or President. 

Loaner Armor

We strongly believe in building an elite athletic team, however we know how important it is to encourage new members! When available, loaner armor will be reserved for brand new members and Active status members without kit. We encourage members to buy their own armor and will support them as they select an armorer and learn to maintain their armor. 

Armor Maintenance

Fighters are expected to keep their armor in working order. The Knight Terrors will hold a monthly armor maintenance day. While attendance is not mandatory if your armor is functioning, if you have damaged armor for over a month, you will be expected to attend or to make alternative arrangements to get it fixed.